Manchester United Mason Greenwood quiz

Mason Greenwood. Photo: EPA

Mason Greenwood latest: Manchester United’s position

Manchester United have explained that their position on suspended star Mason Greenwood remains unchanged.

Manchester United Mason Greenwood quiz

Mason Greenwood. Photo: EPA

Manchester United have not invited Mason Greenwood to return to training according to a statement issued by the club.

Greenwood was suspended by Manchester United following his arrest in connection with allegations of abuse and assault by a young woman.

Manchester United has explained that their position on Greenwood remains unchanged, with the outcome of legal proceedings still pending.

Manchester United clarify position on Mason Greenwood

The club also explained why Greenwood’s profile has not been removed from the club’s website.

Greenwood’s profile still being present on the site sparked rumours among fans that the player was soon to return to training.

“There has been no change whatsoever in Mason’s status,” the club said.

“We removed his profile from the club app soon after he was removed from the squad in January.

“This was in order to remove Mason from interactive elements of the app, such as team predictions etc.

“However, his profile was never removed from the website as he remains a Manchester United player, albeit not currently part of the squad while the legal process unfolds.”

Mason Greenwood
Mason Greenwood remains indefinitely suspended. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP.

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Greenwood has been removed from EA Games’ FIFA 2022 and seen his participation in marketing campaigns pulled.

Cadbury made it clear that Greenwood would be removed from their marketing materials.

“Cadbury does not condone violence in any form. Our Partnership is with the club itself and not the individual players,” a statement from the company read.

“However, while these allegations are being investigated, any marketing or products we create with Manchester United will not feature this player. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

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Manchester United will await the outcome of the legal process before they decide the long-term future of Greenwood.

Meanwhile, Greater Manchester Police are expected to extend Greenwood’s bail, which is due to expire on April 30.

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