Sbu Nkosi back in Bulls training

Sbu Nkosi is back in training with the Bulls. Photo: Supplied.

Springbok wing Nkosi raring to go: “I am back where I belong”

“It took some time but I am back where I belong,” says Bulls and Springbok wing Sbu Nkosi following his return to the rugby community.

Sbu Nkosi back in Bulls training

Sbu Nkosi is back in training with the Bulls. Photo: Supplied.

The Bulls have welcomed talented Springbok winger, Sbu Nkosi, back into their ranks after he had taken personal time away from the game.

Nkosi joins the rest of the Bulls senior squad who return from a two-week break to begin their preparation work for the resumption of play across the United Rugby Championship and the Champions Cup.

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The franchise’s chief executive officer, Edgar Rathbone said Nkosi’s return was a rewarding moment for all those who have journeyed alongside him over his period away from the sport.

“What a joy it is to have Sbu back amongst us and more so because we know the difficult journey he has gone through to get back on his feet. He returns to a family that has been waiting for this moment with bated breath and we just are extremely blessed to have him run around again,”

“I applaud his bravery to want to get back up and not only that but to pursue his rugby dream yet again. He is a talented player with plenty to offer the world of rugby, and I am confident that his story now transcends rugby more than it may have before. His story inspires many amongst us as the Vodacom Bulls family and I hope that many South Africans and rugby fans across the globe will look at him and be encouraged to get up and try again whenever they tumble” remarked Rathbone.

“Sbu has some time to spend with the high-performance team to make sure that his integration into the environment is done accordingly, but there are no better specialists in sports science than those we have working with us. So I am comfortable that he is in the best hands possible,”

“Ofcourse, there is the temptation to want to fast-track things and focus on a return-to-play timeline, but that is not important right now. We are just happy to have him with us and as the process takes care of the business, I am confident that we will see him running out soon” Rathbone concluded.

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A refreshed Nkosi said that he has been looking forward to this day for a while and he considers himself blessed to be back at Loftus.

“Firstly, I want to say thank you. Thank you to the team, the Bulls family and the people of South Africa who have shown me unwavering support over these last few months. It took some time but I am happy that I am back where I belong and that would have never been possible without the love and kindness I have received.”

“The overflow of support allowed me to find comfort and confidence in that I am no lesser human being for acknowledging and accepting that I am not okay. The support I received allowed me to find my feet again and the only thing I can do now, is to pay it forward so that others can be empowered to know that the sun will rise again, even when it does not look like it.”

“Rugby has been everything to me but for a while, because of life, I had lost that connection and needed to take time away so that I can find my centre again and rezone. Thankfully, the company and team, Edgar [Rathbone] and Jake [White] allowed me that time to be away and it has meant the world of good for me, my family and my health. Not many people get this opportunity and that is not lost on me,” Nkosi said.

“I come back committed and willing to put in the yards as my way of paying back all the support I received.”

“It feels wildly refreshing to be able to say I am back and I am raring to go! The fire within is brewing and I cannot wait to set foot in the stadium again.”

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Sbu Nkosi training with the Bulls.
Bulls and Springbok wing Sbu Nkosi.