Springbok Sbu Nkosi scores against the Barbarians

Springbok Sbu Nkosi scores against the Barbarians. Photo: BaaBaas Rugby.

Springbok wing posts cryptic message: A break from being judged!

Springbok wing Sbu Nkosi has suggested his time playing for a World XV was a refreshing, judgement free, experience.

Springbok Sbu Nkosi scores against the Barbarians

Springbok Sbu Nkosi scores against the Barbarians. Photo: BaaBaas Rugby.

This past weekend, a festival match saw the Barbarians clinch an entertaining victory in a 14-try 48-42 points-fest against the World XV at Twickenham, with Springbok wing Sbu Nkosi notably scoring two tries.

It was a performance that reminded everyone of Nkosi’s enduring ability, which comes after the talented wing has endured a period of off-field struggles, which included a scare towards the end of last year when the 27-year-old went missing. He was eventually found, but later admitted to suffering from serious mental health struggles.


Nkosi has now taken to social media with a cryptic post, suggesting his experience with the World XV was a game-changer.

“It was reviving to my passion, to spend a mere week with men who are pure of heart,” he commented. “A break from being judged by men who are bigger in their minds than they are in reality.”

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It’s been suggested that Nkosi should head overseas

At the Bulls, concerns have recently arisen once again after Nkosi was seen to be “missing” from some training sessions. Last month Bulls coach Jake White explained to Sport24 that the situation is extremely complex.

“Sbu is here, he’s training now, but he comes and goes,” White told News24 exclusively. “It’s one of those things where you can’t put pressure on him when he’s not here because you don’t know what he’s going through.

“He could be missing Monday and Tuesday, and you can’t be hard on him because he could be struggling. It’s one of those really difficult situations, unless you really know what’s going on.

“And he doesn’t share that, which we also respect. You can’t force that out of someone. He’s got a full-time psychologist who works with ours. Edgar [Rathbone, Bulls CEO] speaks to his dad a lot. It’s not like he’s in the wilderness; there is definitely communication, but you can’t push too hard.”

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White added that he felt Nkosi desperately needed guidance and perhaps a fresh start overseas.

“I’ve spoken to his agent, and my honest feeling is he needs to find something overseas. I think he’s mixed up here or he’s in a net here, but I don’t have evidence of anything,” said White.

“When he was at the Sharks [the disappearance] happened and it happened here. I’m not sure if he doesn’t need to get away and start again.”


Springbok wing Sbu Nkosi Photo Steve Haag
Bulls and Springbok wing Sbu Nkosi. Photo: Steve Haag.