A unique at the Springboks’ bomb squad concept. Photo: Twitter/X

On the lighter side: Springboks’ 7-1 split explained in ‘alcohol’ terms

Check out these typically South African answers to explain the Springboks’ 7-1 bench split using alcohol as a comical reference.


A unique at the Springboks’ bomb squad concept. Photo: Twitter/X

On Saturday, the Springboks will engage in a very serious World Cup battle against Ireland, but one of the biggest talking points prior to this match has been the South Africa’s decision to opt for a 7-1 forwards-to-back split on the bench.

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Many rugby fans will be fully aware of the strategy at play, and why this unique plan has created so much debate in the world rugby community.

However, there are also those who might not quite understand what all the fuss is about. In a quite brilliant example of this, one social media user innocently asked: “Can someone please explain the 7/1 split to me, but use wine as a reference?”, and the answers are simply brilliant.

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Here is a snap shot of some of the comical responses to the Springboks’ 7-1 split below:

“SA has opted for 7 glasses of heady cab sav, and only 1 glass of pinot noir. Other teams think this is unfair because they choose to have 2 or 3 pinot noirs and less cab sav.”

“You kuier till 12am with a friend. At 12 the friend takes out 7 bottles of brandy and 1 liter of coke and says, “ons gaan nou braai”. That’s basically what’s happening to the other teams when we bring on our 7/1 split.”

“Die Bokke vat 7 bottels van 1,5 liters wyn en een 750ml bottel na ‘n party. Die Iere vat 8 bottels van 750ml na die party. Capeesh?”

“You’re at a wine farm and have paid to taste 8 wines. Normally people choose 5 reds and 3 whites. But you said “Screw that, fill up the Sauvignon Blanc to the top, and then leave a bottle of each of the seven reds. And make the Pinoit Noir cold so it feels a bit like a white.”

“A wine tasting event where you have eight different types of red wine available for tasting and seven types of white wine. The oke drinking with you for the first hour gets so dronk, he passes out before you order 7 more bottles of red and 1 white and his 14 mates look moeg.”

“7 bottles of klipdrift with 1 rock of uys…. and serving it to the Irish who walked into the bar. He doesn’t get the option to have a Guinness because the barman is South African and a genius.”

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“It’s when 7 crushes slide into your DMs while on a date with Minki van der Westhuizen, and the manager at Spur says they’ll keep the restaurant open for another 40 minutes so Minki can help you reply…”

“It’s a couples party, all the ladies drink white wine, all the men drink red wine. And the host goes for a 7 red 1 white split… it’s not against the rules, but it’s morally wrong.”

“You have 8 glasses of wine before you go out, so you only have one to drink at the braai, but if anything happens you have no more wine. If anything happens to TWO (more like 3) backline players, we only have Cobus and possibly Kwagga to cover.”

“Small wine gathering and are asked to bring a bottle of wine. Rassie likes a rooie, you know what he’s bringing but you brought Terra del Capo Sangiovese. Not bad. But Rassie whips out one Rubicon and 7 Vilafonte Series C 20min before hometime and someone’s going home legless.”

“Jy gaan op n blind date en vra hom om 8 van sy gunsteling wyne saam te bring maar hy kan kies hoeveel rooi en wit hy bring. Toe daag hy op met n bottel rosé en 7 bottels stroh rum.”

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