School rugby schools

School sport has seen another controversy come to light on Monday. Photo: Fle

ICYMI: Behaviour of schoolboy rugby parent described as ‘deplorable’

The schoolboy rugby parent who caused an on-field altercation in Durban is set to face disciplinary action over his ‘deplorable’ conduct.

School rugby schools

School sport has seen another controversy come to light on Monday. Photo: Fle

This week it was confirmed that Northwood High School will take disciplinary action against the parent of one of their rugby players who caused an on-field altercation.

Footage of a parent manhandling a schoolboy during a rugby match in Durban this past weekend was preceded by him first approaching the referee in a clear confrontation.

In a post on social media, the Durban was seen having to be restrained after grabbing a schoolboy during a U16 rugby game between Northwood High and Kearsney College on Saturday. 


The man was filmed grabbing a Kearsney player, before an opposing player intervened. It escalated into an altercation between players and others as onlookers then had to step in to pull the parent away.

In one social media post it’s said that the “U16 Northwood parent apparently thought his son’s team was cheated”.

It is alleged that the man had first approached the referee to dispute certain decisions, which is clearly seen in a second angle of the unsavoury incident. The official can be seen attempting to walk away from the person involved before the matter gets further out of hand.

Northwood headmaster Paul Viljoen has now commented on the incident in a letter sent to parents, while explaining what course of action is going to be taken.

“We are an educational institution and need to be impeccable in terms of the standards and example we set for our boys. It is within this context that I want to assure you that the necessary disciplinary action will be taken with relevant consequences for the parent.

“Northwood has an obligation to protect those boys in our care, as well as those who we compete against, in addition to being transparent and honest when any party associated with the school oversteps the boundaries of what is viewed as acceptable conduct and behaviour.”

Viljoen’s counterpart at Kearsney, Elwyn van den Aardweg, has also corresponded with parents, describing the behaviour of the man in question as “unacceptable and deplorable”, according to IOL Sport.

“The Northwood parent concerned has been notified that he is banned from entering the Kearsney campus for whatever purpose with immediate effect.

“The incident has been reported to the Chairman of the South African Schools Rugby Association and the KwaZulu Natal Schools Rugby Association for their attention.”

Footage from the schoolboy rugby incident can be seen below: