Rory McIlroy admits he was “so

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Rory McIlroy admits he was “somewhat proven wrong” over Olympics golf

Golf’s place at the Olympics copped some serious criticism prior to the Games, but many have deemed it a success.

Rory McIlroy admits he was “so

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There was a lot of hoohaa about golf’s return to the Olympics. Many big names pulled out, most of them citing fears over the Zika virus. Rory McIlroy went so far as to say he “would not even watch the tournament on TV” as he wasn’t sure if it belonged.

However, the 27-year old was happy to admit his judgement was a bit off.

“There was more people at the golf events than there was at the athletics. It was good to see,” he was quoted as saying by the BBC.

“To see the crowds and see the turnout, I was glad to be somewhat proven wrong.

“It seems like it was a great atmosphere down there. I think it was one of the cheaper tickets as well, and I think that encouraged a lot of people to go.

“I thought golf was sort of going to get lost a little bit. It was away from the village; I thought it was going to just sort of blend in with everything else.”

South African-born Justin Rose won the gold medal in a thrilling final round where he held off Hnerik Stenson. Rose also hit the first hole-in-one at the Games.

McIlroy still stressed that the Olympics is not the pinnacle of golf.