Cameron Saaiman

Cameron Saaiman did South Africa proud in his UFC debut. Images: Backpagepix

Cameron Saaiman stops Steven Kozlow to make sensational UFC debut

Cameron Saaiman makes a sensational UFC debut, snapping his opponents winning streak with a third round stoppage.

Cameron Saaiman

Cameron Saaiman did South Africa proud in his UFC debut. Images: Backpagepix

Cameron Saaiman scored a third round knockout to secure victory over Steven Kozlow in his UFC debut in Las Vegas.

Saaiman looked to stand up and exchange strikes with Kozlow, who tried to get the South African into the grapple.

Cameron Saaiman wins in sensational UFC debut

An illegal shot by Saaiman in the second round left him having to chase the fight in the third round.

However, Saaiman made up for his error as he laid into Kozlow with mounted punches and even though the American was able to get back to his feet there was blood in the water.

Saaiman could sense the victory and kept coming after Kozlow who eventually dropped his guard and gave the referee no choice but to stop the fight.

Apologising for the knee

Cameron Saaiman
Cameron Saaiman wanted to prove Dana White correct. Photos: Backpagepix

Saaiman apologised to the crowd immediately after the fight for the illegal knee strike that cost him a point in the second round.

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He would also use the opportunity to ask Dana White to put him on the card for the massive UFC London event in March.

“Man, it’s such an experience. I personally want to apologize to everyone about the illegal knee,” Cameron Saaiman told Joe Rogan.

“That was not my intention. But Vegas. This has been the time of my life. Thank you all so much. I’m having the time of my life. This is awesome. I want to thank my coach and all my teammates at CIT and I want to thank uncle Dana and Mr. Shelby, thank you so much for this opportunity. All Glory to God.”

Cameron Saaiman shows fight awareness

Saaiman says that his coach let him know that he was behind on the scoresheets heading into round three and it showed in his deliberate approach.

“I knew for a fact I was behind my coach is always honest with me going out. This happened at The Contender series fight as well. We needed to go to the sixth gear and luckily we could do that.”

Saaiman knew that he couldn’t finish Kozlow on the ground but was able to get the job done once he got back to his base.

“Obviously he has massive technique on the ground,” Saaiman added. 

“He’s super tight. We had to creata some space to finish him on the feet. And I was so glad that we could do that. Uncle Dana! I don’t know if you are here but hopefully that was my application for UFC London. I’m want to fight there in March. I have nothing to do in December. Put me on that card!”