Golf legend Gary Player. Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP

Golf legend Gary Player. Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP

FAMILY FEUD: Gary Player’s son hits back at accusations

The son of South African golfing legend Gary Player has slammed accusations from his father as ‘baseless’ and damaging.

Golf legend Gary Player. Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP

Golf legend Gary Player. Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP

South African golfing legend Gary Player released a statement on Monday saying he had taken action to recover trophies and memorabilia that had been put up for auction by his son and former manager Marc Player.


Gary, who is a nine-time major winner and South Africa’s greatest ever sportsman, claimed in a social media post that Marc had placed several items from his career up for auction without his authorisation.

“I would like to draw the public’s attention to the fact that several trophies and other pieces of memorabilia that form part of my legacy have been put up for auction by my son and ex-manager, Marc,” Player’s statement read.

“These items belong to me and I have taken action to recover them. I have placed no items for sale – whether by auction or otherwise.”

However, Marc has hit back through his lawyer Darren Heitner to say the accusations smack of a “continued petty effort by Gary’s advisors to besmirch Marc’s name and reputation wherever possible”.

“Many of these items were scattered around the world or not actually won by Gary Player but commissioned by Marc Player from artists or purchased from various other collectors,” the statement read.

“The agreement between Gary and his son was simply that, if this Christie’s collection was ever to be sold, they would split the proceeds equally given the time, effort and cost involved related to Marc’s efforts,” the statement continued.

“To date, Marc has not received any compensation whatsoever. For Gary to claim these other items belong to him and that he has never sold trophies or memorabilia is simply not true, and to then interfere in Marc’s personal collection [is legally wrong].”

Player and his son have been at loggerheads for years.

In 2020, Gary Player, who will turn 87 on 1 November this year, received a $5 million settlement fee after entering into an arbitration dispute with the Gary Player Group over ownership and naming rights. 


The Gary Player Group company was operated by Marc Player.

Meanwhile, another of Player’s sons, Wayne, was banned for life from the Masters after a tacky ambush marketing stunt ahead of the 2021 tournament.

As reported by The South African website at the time, Wayne, who was serving as his father’s “caddy” for the ceremonial opening tee shots, stood holding a sleeve of golf balls in such a way as to give the logo maximum visibility and exposure.