Cape Town Cycle Tour

Chris Jooste claimed Sunday’s Cape Town Cycle Tour title while Kim Le Court De Billot completed a hat-trick of women’s wins. Photo: Cape Town Cycle Tour

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2023 results: Every winner of every category

Chris Jooste claimed Sunday’s Cape Town Cycle Tour title while Kim Le Court De Billot completed a hat-trick of women’s wins.

Cape Town Cycle Tour

Chris Jooste claimed Sunday’s Cape Town Cycle Tour title while Kim Le Court De Billot completed a hat-trick of women’s wins. Photo: Cape Town Cycle Tour

TufoBMC rider Chris Jooste showed his class to outsprint Andries Nigrini (TEG) and Jaedon Terlouw (Honeycomb) to claim Sunday’s Cape Town Cycle Tour title in a time of 2:36:14.


“This is the pinnacle of the sport in South Africa,” Jooste commented after the finish.

“I’m thrilled with the win.”

According to Jooste, he knew there was a rare chance for the breakaway to stay away when they managed to open the gap into a headwind.

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“With such strong riders in the break, things fell into place. I knew that if we kept up the speed and our confidence, victory would be ours.”

The men’s elite racing category over the iconic 109km coastal route around the Cape Peninsula produced some intense and exciting moments.

The weather on the day was ideal for racing, with sunny conditions and a light southeasterly breeze.

The conditions made for a few characteristic early attacks, but all the big teams worked to bring it all back together.

Up the deceptively tough Smitswinkel climb, five riders got off the front and forged the break.

The five stayed together until Hout Bay when Nick James (DMS) dropped back.

“That’s when the realisation kicked that we were going to go to the finish, and a podium was a potential,” said Andries Nigrini (TEG), who finished second behind Jooste. 

The breakaway didn’t always seem to work together in consistent fashion, with the youthful Loubser doing the bulk of the work. With no other team-mates in the break, he seemed to forge something of an allegiance with Jooste, whose experience was evident throughout.

Cape Town native and fourth-place finisher Daniel Loubser expressed his elation at completing the race unscathed, stating, “I am overjoyed to have had a smooth ride and crossed the finish line in one piece.”

Loubser’s knowledge of the course proved invaluable to his fellow breakaway riders, as he was able to read the ever-changing conditions and offer crucial insights.

He helped guide the four by sharing vital information about wind patterns and optimal feeding locations to help them maintain their lead. Loubser’s strategic advice undoubtedly played a key role in their success.

The chasing bunch got organised up Chapman’s Peak, driven by DMS.

They were closely watched by the team of Honeycomb, who were represented by Terlouw up front. In Honeycomb’s ranks was defending champion Marc Pritzen (although riding in the colours of his team Team EF Education-NIPPO Development).

Cape Town Cycle Tour one of the world’s most iconic events

However, the bunch left it too late and couldn’t bring back the breakaway.

“I kicked a bit too early,” commented third-placed Terlouw, explaining how he saw the main bunch coming back.

“I got a bit nervous there and went out as hard as I could but couldn’t hold out. That was my first time in a breakaway, and I learned a lot,” he said. 

Speaking after the race, Jooste expressed his delight at what is undoubtedly the biggest win of his career.

“This is an incredible feeling,” he said.

“I’ve won every age category since u/12, so this is amazing.”

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of the world’s most iconic cycling events, attracting thousands of participants and spectators each year.

The men’s elite racing category is just one of the many highlights of the race, which also includes elite and age group categories for women, hand cyclists, and tandem riders.

The event this year also debuted the inclusion of a 42km route. 

The event organisers expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of a cycling celebration, praising the participants for their skill and endurance.

“The Cape Town Cycle Tour is a celebration of cycling and the human spirit,” said David Bellairs, Director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

“The women’s and men’s elite categories were a true testament to the passion and dedication of these athletes, and we are proud to have them as part of our event.” 

OVERALL MEN5Gert Heyns2:36:21
4Daniel Loubser2:36:16
3Jaedon Terlouw2:36:15
2Andries Nigrini2:36:15
1Chris Jooste2:36:14
OVERALL WOMEN5Cherise Willeit2:13:20
4Hayley Preen2:13:20
3Ashleigh Pasio2:13:00
2Vera Looser2:13:20
1Kim Le Court De Billot2:13:20
OVERALL TANDEM1Chris Cronje2:50:08
Greeff Moolman2:50:08
BLIND TANDEM1Gavin Kilpatrick3:24:48
Roberto Gnudi3:24:48
MIXED TANDEM1Egon Campbell2:50:08
Dunette Shaw2:50:08
WOMEN TANDEM1Estie Bekker3:04:51
Rozaan Bekker3:04:51
HAND CYCLE1Stuart McCreadie3:51:45
U-15 (42km)1st MaleRonaldo Levendall1:17:38
2nd MaleSven Tjallingii1:17:38
3rd MaleFerdi Botha1:18:44
U-17 (79km)1st MaleNicky Van Der Merwe2:15:18
2nd MaleMorgan Jones2:15:18
3rd MaleJosh Johnson2:15:22
U-17 (42km)1st FemaleNina Tjallingii1:40:41
2nd FemaleEsona Ndzunga1:48:15
3rd FemaleKonwaba Lili2:13:09
Junior (U-19)1st MaleJeno Degaga2:36:22
1st FemaleAnika Visser2:13:27
U-231st MaleJaedon Terlouw2:36:15
1st FemaleWihelmina Van Den Berg2:13:32
ELITE (SENIOR 23-29)1st MaleChris Jooste2:36:14
1st FemaleKim Le Court De Billot2:13:20
30 – 341st MaleGert Heyns2:36:21
1st FemaleVera Looser2:13:20
35 – 391st MaleJaco Venter2:36:21
1st FemaleAshleigh Pasio2:13:20
40 – 441st MaleGavin Ryan2:48:35
1st FemaleLiezel Arenson2:57:36
45 – 491st MaleJaco Davel2:48:37
1st FemaleBianca Holtzkampf3:01:23
50 – 541st MaleDana Schutte2:49:41
1st FemaleJulia De Waal3:08:24
55 – 591st MaleKelson Da Cruz2:51:14
1st FemaleMandy Collis2:57:40
60 – 641st MaleEben Espach2:52:01
1st FemaleManu Reinhardt3:10:54
65 – 691st MaleKeith Jones2:55:43
1st FemaleYvonne Stevens3:32:25
70 – 741st MaleLinus Van Onselen3:04:57
1st FemaleBenita Raubenheimer3:54:31
75 – 791st MaleColin Fyfe3:26:34
1st FemaleCherry Giljam4:35:24
80 – 841st MaleWilfried Krohn3:26:18
1st FemaleAnne Blignaut5:34:41
85 – 891st MaleHarald Kvernerud3:41:00
1st FemaleN/A
Oldest Man1stKobus Van Heerden6:28:00
Oldest Lady1stOlga Basson6:05:08
Alain Huchon Award1st InternationalGavin Ryan2:48:35