Cape Town Rugby 7s goes fancy

Cape Town Rugby 7s goes fancy dress crazy – Twitter reacts

The Mother City lit up as the sevens circus rolled into town – and so did the 55,000 people packing the stadium on Saturday and Sunday.

Cape Town Rugby 7s goes fancy

1. It started out super. Doesn’t it always…

2. Other outfits were more, erm, disposable. Saves queuing for the gents, anyway.

3. Some retained their dignity with a bit of tradition.

4. And others went for the national colour scheme.

5. While this chap opted for more offensive get up.

6. You have to say, this one’s pretty convincing eh?

7. Now then… how are we supposed to know they’re real?!

8. Look! He’s come as the last remaining Springboks fan!

9. An unkind commentator would also say this was how they defended.

10. He’s only gone and come as a Scottish flag.

11. Urgh. Disgusting. And not nearly orange enough.

12. Far too warm for all that. Madness.

13. Mixed doubles, anyone?

14. At long last – some sensible people!

15. No dressing up here. Just the real deal.