Bongani khumalo

Supersport United defender Bongani Khumalo.

Not all heroes wear capes: Bongani Khumalo ‘scores a goal’ for charity

SuperSport United defender Bongani Khumalo has sacrificed his salary for a noble cause.

Bongani khumalo

Supersport United defender Bongani Khumalo.

In these uncertain times where every aspect of society has been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, SuperSport United defender Bongani Khumalo has risen to the occasion.

But not all heroes wear capes…This is a time where all sporting events had been halted indefinitely by the coronavirus and players’ salaries have come under scrutiny.

According to City Press, however, Khumalo has sacrificed his monthly salary to provide food parcels for about 300 families in Pretoria.

“This is not for personal glory,” a humble Khumalo said.

Brave move amid uncertainty

It takes a special player like him to be brave enough to donate his salary while not being certain as to when the country will emerge from the lockdown. His compassion and kindness is rare and his empathy towards the needy must be commended.

“I am in a fortunate position to do this and I hope to reach out to 300 families during this difficult time, while also paying homage to ESwatini, where my father was born,” the centre half told City Press.

“I am a co-partner in a company called U-Mask based in Centurion. My two co-founders, David Molosankwe and Jordean Eksteen, and I have decided to donate to charity.”

SA footballers doing their bit

“It’s fantastic to see how many of these footballers are trying to assist the communities where they come from and others in need during these times,” Khumalo added.

“Being a professional footballer and potentially earning large sums of money also comes with massive responsibilities –both to one’s family and the community.”

Doing just that while the economy continues its downward spiral amid the pandemic, is truly special and cannot be ignored.

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