koi fish

Thieves were spotted stealing koi fish from a pond. Image: Reaction Unit South Africa Facebook page

Something fishy: Thieves steal KOI FISH from pond in KZN

A homeowner came across two suspects fishing koi fish out from his pond while checking his CCTV in KwaZulu-Natal

koi fish

Thieves were spotted stealing koi fish from a pond. Image: Reaction Unit South Africa Facebook page

A homeowner came across thieves stealing koi fish in his pond in Trenance Park, KwaZulu-Natal on Friday morning, 13 January.

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Suspects fish koi fish from pond

Early in the morning, suspects fished and killed two Koi from a pond on Tangerine Street in Trenance Park, KwaZulu-Natal.

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) was dispatched to the scene at approximately 02:23.

When Reaction Officers arrived, the homeowner reported seeing two men on his carport while monitoring his CCTV. The suspects caught two Koi with fishing line.

After realising they had raised suspicion, the thieves abandoned the fish on the carport. Both fish died before they were returned to the pond.

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Why are these fish so valuable?

Koi, which represent prosperity and longevity, are relatively expensive when compared to other pond fish.

There are numerous factors that influence their worth. Color, genetics, body shape, age, and sex are just a few examples.

The more appealing and larger the fish, the higher the price.

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Genetics play a big role in the value of koi fish

The value of koi is heavily influenced by breeding. While most domesticated varieties in the United States and Europe are reasonably priced, those bred by Japanese experts can easily cost more than a car!

Rare genetic lineages produce the most expensive koi.

These are only bred in high-quality facilities in Japan and are sold at live or online auctions.

When the highest-priced individuals are sold, they are typically large or jumbo-sized, indicating that they have been cared for by the source facilities for many years.

The most expensive koi fish, as well as those that go on to become champions in international competitions, have genetic lineages that can be traced back several generations.

The most valuable koi breed is Gosanke, which includes three main varieties: Sanke, Showa and Kohaku.

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