Phoenix woman

Private security nab eldery woman attacker in Pheonix. Image: RUSA / Facebook

Pictures: Phoenix suspect arrested for stabbing and strangling elderly woman in house robbery

This is one troubled suspect. Officers in Phoenix, Durban arrested a man who allegedly stabbed and strangled an elderly woman in her own home.

Phoenix woman

Private security nab eldery woman attacker in Pheonix. Image: RUSA / Facebook

A 42-year-old man has been arrested in Phoenix for the rather heinous allegations of assaulting, stabbing, strangling, and robbing an elderly woman on Wednesday.


According to the rather worrying report, the suspect is a familiar face to the elderly victim. He allegedly forced his way into her yard before attacking the senior lady while she was watering plants. Sounds like a mad movie right?

It is said that he proceeded to stab, punch and strangle her before finally getting into the house to take what he fancied before running away.

Following the alleged attack, the elderly woman called out to her neighbours for help.

“The RUSA Operations Center received a call for assistance at approximately 08:17 this morning (Wednesday) after the 62-year-old victim sought assistance from neighbors on Riverview Road in Ottawa, KZN. Reaction Officers were dispatched to the property and on arrival found the woman bleeding from stab wounds to her hand,” RUSA reported.

“A blood-soaked piece of material was found tied around her neck. She also suffered blunt force trauma to her eyes due to being punched in the face.”

“He grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her before he attempted to strangle her. He then stole her cellphone and fled on foot. The suspect was known to the woman and had previously visited her and asked for handouts.”


So what followed next in this horror? As someone who was familiar with the victim, the traumatised elderly woman managed to describe the suspect to the RUSA officers before he was soon nabbed not far from the scene.

“Reaction Officers set out in search of him and interviewed several residents in the Ottawa and Parkgate area who confirmed that he was known to them.

“RUSA Members received information that a man matching the description was spotted between Zwelisha and Phoenix. Reaction Officers converged on the area and searched a construction site.

“The suspect was located hiding on the upper level of a building. His pants were soiled with the victim’s blood. During an interview, he stated that she had sold the cellphone for R100 to a taxi driver shortly after the robbery. He then proceeded to Phoenix where he purchased Heroin,” RUSA concluded the insane tale.

Check out the captured image of the scenes as shared by RUSA on Facebook:

Meanwhile, the suspect has been handed over to the local South African Police Service (SAPS) in Verulam.

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