SA vs UK

Who’s hotter on Instagram: SA or UK? Let these pics speak for themselves

How does the UK compare to SA on Instagram? Take a look at these Insta shots and decide for yourself who is the fairest of them all.

SA vs UK

We’ve put together a few comparative Instagram pictures of UK and SA wildlife, night life, beaches, sunsets, local cuisine and public transport. We can’t decide who’s more photogenic, so we’ve left it up to you.

Birds of feather flock to the British waters…

Birds UK
@LONDON, @MikeKus

… and in SA they cuddle or photobomb.

Birds SA

A staple meal in the land of the Brits…

Fish n Chips UK

… meanwhile in SA, if something can be braaied, it will be braaied.

SA mielies

The tube or the bus? The choice is yours in the UK…


… while trains and taxis dominate in SA.

Taxi SA
@southafrica, @cat_bea

The sun makes everything more beautiful…

Sunrise UK

… no matter which side of the world you’re on.

Sunset SA

But the beaches are a bit different in the UK…

Beach UK

…there’s no denying that SA wins on the beach front.

Beach SA

Lighthouses? They’re pretty photogenic in the UK…

UK lighthouse

… and equally so in SA.

SA lighthouse

By night, Britain shines bright…

UK night life

… and SA holds its own (if load shedding hasn’t kicked in, that is)

SA Nightlife