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Photo: ITV / Screenshot

Let’s all laugh at Piers Morgan: TV host annihilated in ‘Meghan debate’

Piers Morgan needs to be admitted to the burns unit after this: His unhinged rants about Harry and Meghan were immaculately dismantled on Monday.

Shola Morgan Meghan 1

Photo: ITV / Screenshot

  • Please note that this article on Piers Morgan and the Meghan & Harry interview is an opinion piece.

In the week that preceded the Oprah Winfrey interview with Harry and Meghan (the exiled Duke & Duchess of Sussex), professional whinge-bag Piers Morgan Tweeted about the Suits actress ‘at least 57 times’. Obsession is often a one-way street, and in trying to score points against the former Royal, the TV host has only succeeded in netting an own-goal.

But with him being such a vehement Arsenal fan, we’re sure Morgan is used to humiliation by now…

Piers Morgan and Meghan – a one-way street of obsession

Morgan’s compulsive interest in Meghan is nothing short of bizarre. He has been one of the most vociferous critics of the 39-year-old – and the broadcaster rubbed his hands gleefully last week when allegations of bullying were levelled against the outgoing princess. Sensing an opportunity to spout his bile again, Piers went into battle on Monday morning.

Unfortunately for him, he was up against an educated queen: Dr. Shola Mos-Shogamimu – lawyer, solicitor, author, and Cambridge Graduate – brought a wealth of knowledge to the table in her showdown with the veteran journalist.

Well, we call him a journalist – but that’s only because we haven’t got a particular word for ‘person who publishes fake, shit-stirring photos of British troops‘ yet. It seems like the sort of thing German linguists would have sorted by now…

TV host taken to the cleaners during ‘Royal Rumble’

Dr. Shola, as she likes to call herself, eviscerated the competition. During an appearance on ITV’s flagship breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, the legal professional took the six-foot slab of gammon to school, turning the tables on an abrasive line of questioning set out by Piers Morgan:

  • – The Doctor openly questioned why more protection had been afforded to Prince Andrew over Harry and Meghan.
  • – Morgan was awkwardly reminded about the extent of the media criticism faced by the pair.
  • – Shola floored the anchor when she slammed The Queen for failing to protect her own family members from abuse.
  • – Piers was left squirming as Dr. Mos-Shogbamimu brought up the ‘painful history of racism’ within the Royal Family.
  • – She also asked the host; ‘are you out of your goddamn mind?’ – Shola speaking for all of us, there…

Watch: Dr. Shola shuts Piers Morgan up with her forensic arguments

Meghan, the media, and complicity

As fun as these exchanges are on the surface, Morgan’s behaviour is symptomatic of something much more serious. Meghan spoke in the big interview about how suicidal she felt, as a result of intense negative media coverage. The ITV anchor is front-row centre whenever there’s an orchestrated pile-on for the Duchess…

Had the one-time Royal decided to end her life, Piers Morgan would be as complicit as anyone in her death. Undeniably, blood would have been on his hands. But the unrepentant rent-a-gob isn’t backing down anytime soon, and the fact he’s fixated on Meghan – rather than the disturbing activities of Prince Andrew – speaks volumes about his character.

Despite his barrage of Tweets, Meghan is yet to acknowledge Morgan’s complaints. And it’s killing him inside.