Seven f***d up quotes you wouldn’t believe came from our parliament

MPs say some pretty stupid *ss sh**, but these are beyond that. Have a look at some of the nonsense they tune each other in parly.


You know the saying: “If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all?” Well, they should change it to, if you don’t have anything even marginally intelligent to say then just STFU.

Have a look at some of the shit people have been saying in parly lately.

“Speak English like a black person” Our best one yet, the EFF took aim at the DA for not speaking African English… no jokes folks.

“That white man is making comments about us. Let’s go outside and moer each other!” The EFF gets another one.

“I won’t guess. I can’t be a sangoma.” Jacob Zuma when asked about Glencore… followed by a giggle.

“You enjoy the beating of black people, I think.” The EFF to the DA… again.

“This is not the Trevor Noah show, stop laughing” The EFF told Zuma just last week.

“She is out of order that one … She must just shut up and sit down!” The EFF, yet again. Baleka Mbete responded with “YOU must sit down!”

“I only debate with serious political youth formations. Not a group of the racist Helen Zille’s garden boys.” Another EFF jab at the DA… see the pattern?