People lose their sh*t over SA

People lose their sh*t over SA rugby player’s selfie with Oscar Pistorius

Ex-Bulls and current Saracens player, Brett Sharman, has caused a furore after posting a selfie with Oscar Pistorius.

People lose their sh*t over SA

Ex-Bulls rugby player, Brett Sharman, caused a mini meltdown on Twitter when he uploaded a selfie with Oscar Pistorius to his Twitter account with the hashtag “#WeekendVibes!”. He later denied that the picture was new, but did not say when it was taken, telling YOU magazine that it was a “stupid thing to do”.

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Sharman and Pistorious have been friends since their school days at Pretoria Boys High. Pistorius was also Sharman’s best man at his wedding in October 2014, just a month before he was sentenced to five years’ for Reeva Steenkamp’s manslaughter.

Sharman isn’t exactly new to controversy. During the 2012 London Olympics he Tweeted: “Good luck Mohammed running for Paki… I mean Great Britain” in reference to Mo Farah’s run. Obviously Sharman’s geography isn’t so great as Farah was born in Somalia. He apologised and deleted his account, but has been back in action since.

Sharman has since made his Twitter account private, but people on the social network aren’t happy.