Locked and Loaded. Fashion Swa

Locked and Loaded. Fashion Swap is about to hit your local!

Love shopping? Why not spend a tenner and shop for free at Fashion Swap UK`s Launch next month! Your pre-loved items are swapped for new items! Plenty of Designer Samples, Tasty Food Vendors and Goodie Bags are also awaiting your arrival. Your shopping actually helps a charity back home! Come along and share the love!

Locked and Loaded. Fashion Swa

Pic 8Fashion lovers can shop guilt-free at Fashion Swap UK`s Event for ultimate bargains with proceeds going towards Education Africa, whose mission is to help disadvantaged South Africans in their quest to obtain a quality, relevant education. The project also ensures that they are in a position to become global citizens and a competitive, productive element in the local job market.

Along with nabbing designer bargains, all proceeds from the sale will go towards helping those less fortunate through this Fashion Swap UK Project. A host of vendors will also be selling their organic products and vintage items at reduced prices. This event is not only a collaboration of fabulous fashion for a great cause, it’s also about building community and working alongside other brands to all use our skills collectively in aid of a good cause.

Everyone loves a good sale and by giving the proceeds to the Education Africa Project, we can all contribute to bringing local community cheer to those in need back in our homeland!

Pic 6The Fashion Swap UK Project is set out to help thousands of South African families, who would otherwise go without educational support. The project is set to launch in Wimbledon next month, next to Centre Court and thanks to the support of local sponsors and partners this event has been made possible.

The first 50 tickets sold are guaranteed a VIP goody bag with plenty of treats inside! We all love a jam packed goody bag so make sure you get your ticket here: www.fashionswapuk.com

So, shop till you drop at the Fashion Swap UK Event next month and help educate thousands of less fortunate South Africans back home.​

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