ANC Women’s League wants judic

ANC Women’s League wants judiciary ‘brought under parliamentary control’

The League also seems to want to return SA to the parliamentary ‘democracy’ it was, under apartheid.

ANC Women’s League wants judic

Isn’t it funny how the ANC Youth and Women’s Leagues, after every court ruling in favour of the Constitution and not the ANC, resort to the same rhetoric: judicial overreach. What’s more concerning though, is that increasingly, their solutions to what are essentially ANC-only problems, often include reverting SA back to the way things were under National Party rule.

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Case in point: Meokgo Matuba, one of Jacob Zuma ex-wife and presidential hopeful Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s staunch supporters. In an interview with News24, Matuba, who also serves – herself – as secretary general of the ANC Women’s League, said that the ConCourt ruling on the secret ballot shows that the judiciary has too much power and that SA’s hard-won constitutional democracy needs to be reviewed in favour of the ruling party.

Matuba told the newspaper that the judiciary and chapter nine institutions exercise too much power over the president and parliament – the judiciary, executive and legislature are meant to keep each other in check, that’s how a constitutional democracy works – and that the final say in how SA is run should rest with the majority party.

“It was done in good faith, but good faith has landed us here today – each arm must know its responsibilities and boundaries,” she said, adding that the current system hindered the ANC’s proposed ‘changes’ to the way things are done.

“If it was not a constitutional democracy we could have dealt with those issues,” Matuba said, clearly forgetting that the constitutional democracy is the very thing the ANC fought for, as a means of ensuring that one party could never again gain the amount of control the National Party had over nearly every facet of government and society.

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