John Stewart

10 things America learnt about South Africa thanks to Comedy Central’s Daily Show [video]

Nelson Mandela is exactly like George Washington, except not at all

John Stewart

Here is recap by membeburn of all the things John Stewart the ex host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show taught America (and the world) about South Africa:

1. South Africa is not as conservative as it seems #AllMaleBrothel

2. The South African accent is not the same as the Australian accent

3. Thabo Mbeki is not the president of Senegal

4. South Africans like America, sort of

5. South Africa is more progressive than America #GayRights

6. The vuvuzela is a very useful South African invention

7. There are still some fine South African racists out there

8. Nelson Mandela is like George Washington, except not at all

9. The Apartheid cannot be equated to American government policies

10. Trevor Noah is the greatest African correspondent, ever