1 More Saffa | The move in mil

1 More Saffa | The move in milestone

With bank accounts opened and the adjustment to the soles hardening on your feet from pavements, I accomplished some ground breaking milestones within month one of London.

1 More Saffa | The move in mil

With bank accounts opened and the adjustment to the soles hardening on your feet from pavements, I accomplished some ground breaking milestones within month one of London. In order to not brag and simply jot down those feel good list items, see below:

1) Meeting with job centre and national insurance number en route! This is said to take three weeks, which seems perfectly adequate considering the painless interview I had to go through. Thankfully with a British passport, questions were shortened and without thinking I had arrived in London with criminal objectives, my forms were stamped and the number would simply arrive on paper in the post!

2) Commuting to London from Oxford to meet with estate agents seemed a mission. However this was all cut short when by pure chance, walking into a particular estate agent in Wandsworth (yes South African population high), I bumped into a girl who had recently moved out of the exact flat I was looking for. Small and yet; homely, the wooden floors and inset fireplaces on the quiet street of Denton street; all but a six minute walk to bus station was a winner. I emailed the prospective landlord and within a week, before agents got involved, I was signing for a home for twelve months!


 My new London home

3) I would advise to immediately cancel flat notifications from those billions of websites you researched once a lease is signed. When it comes to job hunting, that beeping sound of ’email received’ creates irritating disappointment.
Moving in day started with that taboo word of Ikea. Every Londoner gave the look of fear when we mentioned our Saturday activities. However, when you are there ten minutes before the doors are opened, with energy up and all intention to race fellow shoppers and elbow those wondering grannies, you can be out of there in one hour flat with bed frames, chest of drawers, lamps, linen and even canvas paintings.

4) Next step was building the Ikea purchases. With a huge serving of patience and remembering Ikea did not provide screwdrivers with your chest of drawers, furniture can be built.

And so with job hunting and London jobs.co.uk providing all adverts of what I am looking for; self rewards included the below:

1) East Hill pub in Wandsworth. Free wifi and delicious platters to pick on. With clean bathrooms and friendly service promoting their Sunday night quizzes, it will become a local.

2) The Gun, which is a pub in Docklands. Resting on the water, you feel as if you are away on holiday. The breeze from the water makes it cold, but this is quickly solved by Carlsburg drafts (unless its a Heineken) and pistachio nuts. If you want to treat yourself, their restaurant offers the most incredible taste sensations. Lobster infused foam on cod, mackerel and quail starters were literally an explosion of delight. It’s actually a must do. And their bloody Mary’s are English gems.
3) The Lotus Floating restaurant in Canary Wharf should become a Sunday tradition. If you can organize to go there with locals, it’s £18 worth of a delectable dim sum feast. Chicken feet (yup! Delicious and juicy fat, tasting of the sauce they are brewed in); prawn and pork dumplings in every possible wrapping and more food than your stomach can take. It is worth that thirty eight minute mission from Wandsworth!


 The beginning of the dim sum feast


Crispy fried duck beak and tongue

 So with some spots tasted and a flat to come home to, it’s high priority focus on the job, Pounds move quickly here, so lets pray a job comes before I become the local waitress at the Brewers Inn.