Zweli Mkhize Digital vibes criminal

Photo: Flickr / GCIS

Just in: CRIMINAL CHARGES will now be filed against Zweli Mkhize

The Digital Vibes saga isn’t going away, and Minister Zweli Mkhize will soon be the subject of a criminal case at the hands of SAPS.

Zweli Mkhize Digital vibes criminal

Photo: Flickr / GCIS

Once lauded as the unsung hero of South Africa’s pandemic response, Zweli Mkhize now faces an uphill battle to save his political career. The Health Minister has been accused of profiting illegally from a R150 million contract with service provider Digital Vibes – and the money trail could have some damning criminal consequences for the ANC stalwart.

Bad vibes: Health Minister facing several investigations

The dodgy deal is also alleged to have facilitated ‘maintenance projects’ at Mkhize’s home, and some of the money is reported to have gone to his son. Little over a year after South Africa’s ‘relief fund feeding frenzy’ made international headlines, one of the key players in the fight against COVID-19 now finds him implicated in a corruption case.

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) will look deeper into the claims made against the 65-year-old, but for the DA, this probe into Digital Vibes doesn’t go far enough. Siviwe Gwarube, the shadow health minister, has confirmed that the opposition party will file CRIMINAL CHARGES against Zweli Mkhize on Thursday morning.

Zweli Mkhize now facing criminal charges

A docket will be opened at the Cape Town Central Police Station, at 11:00 on 3 June. According to Gwarube, there has ‘been a clear violation of law’ – and President Ramaphosa is under pressure to discipline his right-hand man.

“Considering the clear violation of the law, the DA will be laying criminal charges against Zweli Mkhize with the South African Police Service (SAPS) tomorrow. Over and above the SIU probe, a criminal investigation needs to ensue. Reportedly, Mkhize personally signed off on the submission that contained the contract.”

“This highly irregular abuse of political power by Zweli Mkhize is underscored by emerging evidence that the company in question, Digital Vibes, carried out maintenance projects at the Minister’s home and money was directly channeled to Mr. Mkhize’s son. The President now needs to instruct the Minister to step down”. | Siviwe Gwarube