Zweli Mkhize lockdown

Zweli Mkhize warns SA: ‘We might reimpose some lockdown restrictions’

Zweli Mkhize has some good news and bad news to bring us at the start of the week, after he discussed the risks currently facing South Africa.

Zweli Mkhize lockdown

Zweli Mkhize is a pragmatic man, and he understands that you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth: Despite ultimately delivering some cheerful updates regarding South Africa and its battle against COVID-19, the health minister fired off a sharp warning about lockdown restrictions on Sunday night.

South Africa ‘past the surge’ of coronavirus

Speaking in an interview with eNCA, Mkhize revealed that the country is now ‘over the surge’ of infections. A traumatic July saw transmission rates soar, with spikes in new cases and the death toll painting a grim picture. However, the last four weeks have taken a positive course, easing SA into Level 2 of lockdown.

The minister stated that the government’s focus would switch to containment: This means they will be encouraging the public to act in a manner that keeps the numbers low going forward. But Zweli Mkhize doesn’t get the luxury of sugarcoating things in his position – something that was made evident to us last night.

Zweli Mkhize says ‘lockdown measures could return’ – under these conditions

He said that South Africa ‘would have to reimpose lockdown restrictions’ if people failed to adhere to the health protocols in place. As some measures ease, complacency can kick in. Zweli Mkhize is keen to avoid this, and his uncompromising words should be the stark warning we all need to keep us on our toes.

“We can say we are over the surge. The plateau has started. Western Cape it’s been over two months. KZN is also now decreasing. That’s indicative of a promising time. Let’s now focus on the containment measures, such as the use of masks, washing hands regularly, and sanitizing.”

“The real risk we are worried about is resurgence if people neglect precautionary measures. The message we are sending is for everyone to take personal responsibility. Different countries have had to reimpose restrictions. We will have to do the same if people start behaving complacently.”

Zweli Mkhize