Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma and his wife

Zuma’s son reluctantly apologises for racist hate speech towards Gordhan and Hanekom

Some very unpleasant words from a very unpleasant person…

Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma disgraced his family name further last week when he wrote a vehemently angry open letter that abused ANC MPs Pravin Gordhan and Derek Hanekom.

Cleary showing that his Dad taught him everything he knows about diplomatic behaviour, his foul-mouthed tirade blasted Gordhan for being a ‘White Monopoly Capital stooge’, and labelled Hanekom as a “white Afrikaner askari.”

KZN’s ANC Spokesman Mdumiseni Ntuli confrimed that Edward had said sorry for his comments, but even then, it wasn’t exactly the most heartfelt of apologies.

Zuma Jnr had been given until midnight on Wednesday to submit his apology, but only got in touch with Ntuli on Thursday morning by phone:

“We did not get a letter yesterday [Wednesday] but he just gave a call now and forwarded me a letter that he says he sent to the ANC office yesterday apologising‚”

Edward Zuma’s racist letter

Although it’s unclear if Edward will face any further discipline from within the ANC ranks, he is definitely not off the hook with the SA Human Rights Commission, who want to probe his “statements that promote hatred based on race”.

He hasn’t endeared himself much to the SAHRC either. When it became clear they wanted to look into his open letter, Edward responded with all the grace of a bull in a China store:

“[The SAHRC] are a vile dog unleashed to maul the black majority‚ to manage them‚ to sanitise their history and to keep them in check when expressing their history and articulating their black pain”.

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He’s such a charmer, isn’t he?

Edward Zuma has vowed to only speak about his letter and its implications at a press conference he said he would be ‘calling soon’.

The unhinged and uninhibited young Zuma lacks basic respect for anyone not in his inner circle, deals exclusively in personal insults and avoids taking responsibility for almost all of his actions.

The apple really has not fallen far from the tree.