‘Zuma makes me wet’ graffiti a

‘Zuma makes me wet’ graffiti apparently a hoax, still rattled parliament’s cage

Some gutsy kid tagged one of Parliament’s walls — or did they — and everyone found it oh so entertaining… except MPs.

‘Zuma makes me wet’ graffiti a

Well, nobody knows exactly who did it – or if it even really happened –, but it sure did entertain a couple of motorists and even pedestrians had to stop and snap a picture of the vandal’s work.

Now, while ordinary people might see it as funny, those who work at parly don’t share theis sentiment.

“If someone is disappointed with the President there are other ways of expressing themselves… defacing the centre of debate is not one of them,” the DA’s chief whip, John Steenhuisen, told the Daily Voice.

“Parliament is a special place and for someone to deface it is completely unacceptable.

“It ends up costing the taxpayer money as the cost of removing it will ultimately come from taxpayers.

“We will look at security footage to see if the perpetrator can be identified.”

Not that they’ll likely catch the culprit – especially if it is really a photoshopped hoax –, but if they do they could get a fine of up to R5000 or just be asked to remove the black paint him/herself.

Image: Nicholas Abrahams