Zuma likens Nkandla to George

Zuma likens Nkandla to George airport, built for Apartheid leader PW Botha… yes, you read correctly

No, this isn’t a practical joke. President Jacob Zuma seems to think there’s nothing wrong with spending the taxpayer’s money to make improvements to his personal residence, because South Africa’s worst Apartheid leaders did something similar.

Zuma likens Nkandla to George

At a media freedom lunch on Sunday, Zuma was questioned about Nkandla, to which he responded that he does not pay for his state home, and he doesn’t pay for his own flights on state business; he then asked: “Is this an unfair advantage?”

When told that Nkandla is not state property, he went on to say that George airport was not build for economic reasons, but because then president PW Botha lived close by (in Wilderness). Just so we’re all clear here, PW Botha was the leader of SA from 1978 – 1989 and was wildly unpopular, especially by the youth of the time. His exit from mainstream politics, prompted by a stroke, was affectionately called a ‘stroke of luck’ by many at the time.

PW Botha

President Zuma went on to say that a president and deputy president should be protected, and that Nkandla must surely protect the president. It is unclear whether Zuma understands that he likened himself to one of Apartheid’s most hated leaders, but perhaps the similarities are far too many to ignore, even for him.