Zuma fights secret ballot call


Zuma fights secret ballot calls, boasts about seven other no confidence votes he’s survived

Oh, and he laughed. He laughed a lot.

Zuma fights secret ballot call


Isn’t it funny what some people choose to brag about? Cars, gains in the gym, sports results… How many times your political party have tabled a motion to make you leave your position, etc.

That last one is, of course, something that Zuma chose to do during his address to the National Assembly today for his quarterly Q & A session in parliament. He’s so happy with his incompetence, he’s even using it to defend himself.

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He was asked if he’d support a decision by Speaker Baleke Mbete to hold a vote of no confidence via a secret ballot, but El Presidente wasn’t happy and attacked his critics:

“You are trying to get a majority you don’t have, by saying secret ballot.The fact of the matter is, you don’t have the majority. I have faced seven kinds of votes of no confidence. You have tried your best, but you have failed.”

The reaction of the DA’s Dianne Kohler Barnard to Zuma’s un-magnificent seven was brief, but brilliant, telling the ANC leader to “Take the hint!”

He went on to make several grandiose claims in a spirited display of defiance, chuckling away like a budget Dr Hibbert from The Simpsons. Every question he faced – or answer he gave – was accompanied by his signature laugh.

Three times Zuma cranked up the sass:

. To Maimane: “You had to beg other parties to help you form this municipality. Don’t talk as if you won this with an overwhelming majority. We know anytime you can lose it.”

. About his leadership: “The people of South Africa did not make a mistake in elevating me as president of South Africa. I am fit and it’s running very well.”

. On calls for him to step down: “The ones who say this president must go, they never made any effort to make me a president. So don’t worry. Don’t even worry about anything. Just sit in peace and rest. Don’t worry.”

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JZ’s performance has been described as ‘bullish’ by some media outlets. Add a letter t and scramble a few of the letters around, and I’d be inclined to agree with them.