zuma sleeping mini budget speech

Zuma caught napping during Gigaba’s mini budget speech

uBaba isn’t interested in any of this…

zuma sleeping mini budget speech

A screenshot of Jacob Zuma taking a nap during Malusi Gigaba’s mini-budget speech has gone viral. Gigaba delivered his “maiden” budget speech on Wednesday – and the forecast was pretty grim.

But if you’re hoping that President Jacob Zuma was going to zoom in to try and boost the confidence of consumers and investors, you’re out of luck.

A screenshot of Zuma – seemingly fast asleep while Gigaba was delivering his grim forecast – has gone viral.

Shared to Twitter, it has drawn all sorts of reaction from South Africans across the web.


Dreaming of the nuclear deal or dreaming about how much trouble he is in if he doesn’t deliver on that nuclear deal? Gigaba did not allocate any new budget to nuclear… still, the jokes just write themselves, right?