ambulance jacob zuma nkandla latest arrest

Photo: Screenshot

Zuma arrest update: Ambulance enters Nkandla as motorcade leaves

An ambulance that arrived at Jacob Zuma’s home has finally been allowed to enter Nkandla by his supporters, with the motorcade leaving.

ambulance jacob zuma nkandla latest arrest

Photo: Screenshot

Following the arrival of a motorcade at Jacob Zuma’s homestead in Nkandla just over an hour ago, an ambulance has arrived before being blocked by a group of Zuma supporters and MKMVA members who insist that the former President “is in good health and is not ill”.

The ambulance was granted access after some deliberation between paramedics and supporters, with the motorcade of vehicles that entered earlier leaving swiftly thereafter.

Less than an hour remains for the South African Police Force (SAPS) to carry out the Constitutional Court order to arrest Zuma for contempt and remand him as he begins a 15-month stint behind bars.

Ambulance granted access

Video footage has emerged from the scene of an ambulance – appearing to be under the service of Daymed Ambulance Services – arriving at Nkandla shortly after 22:30, only for the gorup of Zuma supporters and members of the MKMVA who have vowed to protect the former President to deny it access.

Paramedics insist that they were called to the residence to respond to an emergency, but the corruption-accused former Presidennt’s supporters can be heard telling them to leave because Zuma ‘is in good health’.

Edward Zuma – who earlier tried to prevent the motorcade from entering the premises before being told to let them through – was among those denying the ambulance entry.

Police Minister Bheki Cele has until midnight to ensure that the SAPS arrest Zuma, who earlier issued a letter to the Constitutional Court via his lawyers asking the apex court to suspend the arrest warrant.