Home Affairs Hillbrow

Some of the fake documentation found in Hillbrow.

Photo: Twitter/@Pule_Jones

Zimbabwean national arrested for ‘fully functional’ Home Affairs in his flat

A Zimbabwean national has been arrested for having a fully functional Home Affairs in his flat in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

Home Affairs Hillbrow

Some of the fake documentation found in Hillbrow.

Photo: Twitter/@Pule_Jones

A Zimbabwean national has reportedly been arrested after he was caught with a “mobile Department of Home Affairs” in his flat in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. 

The individual was in possession of Identity Documents, bank cards, SASSA cards, Covid-19 certificates, hard drives as well as other documents.

Just yesterday, an immigration officer was arrested at the OR Tambo International Airport for allowing in Bangladeshis without proper documentation. 


Some of the fake IDs. Photo: Facebook

In late March, another Pakistani national was arrested at a Home Affairs in Gauteng for issuing fake passports. He then distributed these fake passports to undocumented immigrants at a hefty price.


Home Affairs Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi explained that the unnamed immigration officer is a key link to an elaborate and well-coordinated international syndicate. The syndicate operates in South Africa and Bangladesh.

At the OR Tambo International Airport, a network of the syndicates involves an immigration officer, members of the ground handling staff, security personnel, cleaners and law enforcement agencies.

In Bangladesh, a runner recruits Bangladeshi nationals who do not qualify to visit SA and members of the airline. The kingpin charges the Bangladeshis R110 000 each. 

A member of the airline smuggles the Bangladeshis by one of two means. They either provide false names for the passenger or they do not include the passengers’ names in the travellers’ list for the flight.

Upon arrival, the Bangladeshis hang around restroom facilities and transit areas until the immigration counters are not as busy.

“A signal is given by another runner to go to the pre-identified official who then processes them for entry without valid documents – in violation of the Immigration Act,” said Motsoaledi.

Motsoaledi added that the runner or the immigration officer receives R60,000 per person who is smuggled into SA. The large sum of money is distributed among other members of the syndicate.