Gauteng-bound truck from Zimba

Photo: SAPS / Twitter

Gauteng-bound truck from Zimbabwe found hiding ‘stash of explosives’

SAPS in Limpopo made an ‘explosive’ discovery on Thursday, after they stopped a truck at the SA-Zimbabwe border post of Beitbridge.

Gauteng-bound truck from Zimba

Photo: SAPS / Twitter

A truck driver making his way from Zimbabwe and into South Africa was halted at the Beitbridge border post on Thursday – after he was discovered to be in possession of several explosive devices.

Explosives found in truck heading from Zimbabwe to Gauteng

The shock find revealed that blasting cartridges, connector capped fuses and other dangerous items were all on board the vehicle, which was attempting to cross the international border. The police have ascertained that the cargo was heading towards the town of Alberton in Gauteng. But this illicit operation was soon stopped in its tracks.

A 27-year-old suspect is now in police custody, following his arrest on Thursday morning. The effort to smuggle in highly dangerous explosive equipment is likely to put the perpertrator behind bars for the foreseeable future. These devices, according to SAPS, are commonly used in ATM bombings, illegal mining operations, and even CIT heists.

Suspect facing criminal charges

A criminal case has officially been opened against the driver, and he will have to answer to a charge of ‘unlawful possession of explosives’ once he makes his first appearance in the dock. SAPS issued a brief statement on the matter earlier, before Tweeting about the arrest this afternoon:

“SAPS in Limpopo operating at the Beitbridge port of entry recovered explosives, blasting cartridges and connector capped fuses on a truck that was travelling from Zimbabwe to Alberton in Gauteng. A 27-year-old truck driver has been arrested, and a case will be opened for unlawful possession of explosives.”

SAPS Limpopo statement on the explosives found at Beitbridge