Tafadzwa Mugwadi ZANU-PF Zimbabwe

Photo: Twitter / YouTube

Watch: ‘F*** you’ – ZANU-PF spokesman loses it in car crash interview

This unpleasant exchange just about sums up what’s happening in Zimbabwe: ZANU-PF’s Tafadzwa Mugwadi shocked the TV panel on Tuesday.

Tafadzwa Mugwadi ZANU-PF Zimbabwe

Photo: Twitter / YouTube

ZANU-PF Spokesman Tafadzwa Mugwadi has dragged Zimbabwe’s international reputation further through the mud this week after he resorted to profanity and insults during a live interview with Al-Jazeera.

Zimbabwe news latest – who is Tafadzwa Mugwadi?

The news broadcaster had invited Tafadzwa Mugwadi on air to discuss the coronavirus crisis. Instead of participating in the conversation, ZANU-PF’s director of publicity – yes, really – has now probably caused himself a lot of work to take care of on Wednesday morning.

Things boiled over after a clip of President Mnangagwa was played to the panel. The leader’s claims were openly challenged, sending the ZANU-PF representative into a strop. He then dropped the f-bomb live on air, after laughing his way through a pretty serious line of questioning.

Watch Tafadzwa Mugwadi say ‘f*** you’ live on A-Jazeera here:

  • Here is the incident in isolation…
  • This is what prompted the response…
  • And here is Tafadzwa Mugwadi being combative and evasive elsewhere in the interview:

ZANU-PF spokesperson refuses to back down over interview

Further flexing his taste for authoritarian impunity, Mugwadi went on to defend his reprehensible conduct through his Twitter account. The politician says he was ‘proud to corner’ the other guests on the show, before dubiously claiming there was ‘no crisis’ to report in Zimbabwe. A statement that fails to stand up to scrutiny:

“These were the kicks of a cornered rat: Two MDC Activists and a pliable presenter were wrapped today. For the record, I don’t tell you what you want to hear, I tell reality as it exists.”

“I am proud I have cornered two activists, the one disguised as a human rights activist and the other armchair upstart. There is no crisis in Zimbabwe. There is a crisis in the MDCs, from MDCA to MDC-Z… Sit down Nyembi”.

Tafadzwa Mugwadi