zimbabwe criticism

Photo: Hilary Davidson / Flickr

Zimbabwe will introduce a law that bans ‘criticism of the government’

Things are looking bleak in Zimbabwe, after the authoritarian regime confirmed it would soon clamp-down on criticism of the government.

zimbabwe criticism

Photo: Hilary Davidson / Flickr

The grim situation in Zimbabwe is in danger of escalating rapidly. It has been confirmed by ZANU PF officials that they are looking to outlaw any ‘prominent criticism of the government’ through the Patriot Act.

Zimbabwe to outlaw ‘criticism of the government’

The disasterclass handling of severe economic and financial problems by the Zimbabwe government has increased dissent in the country, but that criticism has been met with force from the Mnangagwa administration. Journalists have been kidnapped and assaulted for speaking out, and ZDF soldiers have murdered citizens while enforcing strict patrols on the streets.

Under the Patriot Act, all Zimbabweans will be criminally charged if they speak to foreign governments without the express permission of the regime itself. ‘Conduct aimed at undermining the country’ will also be forbidden.

What is the Patriot Act in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe’s justice, legal and parliamentary affairs permanent secretary, Virginia Mabhiza, said the law is based on the promotion and protection of national interests. In reality, it is the work of an authoritarian regime that is hellbent on suppressing any critical voices from within their own borders:

“Conduct such as private correspondence with foreign governments or any officer or agent thereof will be prohibited, including false statements influencing foreign governments, or any other such conduct aimed at undermining the country,”

Virginia Mabhiza

ZANU PF ‘doubles down’ on dissenters

The detention of political prisoners earlier this year sparked international outrage and compelled the ANC to send a delegation over to Harare in a bid to ‘mediate’ between the public and the government. However, Zimbabwe’s ruling party has taken little notice of the outcry, instead choosing to clamp-down on civil liberties.