Mpumalanga baby

Photo: Unsplash

Vile: Mpumalanga mom kills her baby – by ‘hurling her to the floor’

This is a real sickener: A mom in Mpumalanga is facing up to a murder charge, after she chucked her baby to the floor in front of the father.

Mpumalanga baby

Photo: Unsplash

This is enough to turn even the most cast-iron of stomachs – a mother based in Middelburg, Mpumalanga is facing a murder charge, after she deliberately threw her baby to the ground in the middle of a heated argument with the father.

Mother kills her own baby during an argument

The sick crime has left law officials shaken, with one police spokesperson describing the act as ‘inhumane’. It’s understood that the woman showed up at the father’s workplace, along with the three-month-old infant. However, he refused to see the mom, and a blazing row ensued.

During the fierce confrontation, the 24-year-old mom started threatening to kill the baby – unless the door was opened for her. The dad didn’t believe she could do something so callous, but tragically, she stayed true to her word. The child was certified dead when paramedics and police arrived on the scene, leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Mpumalanga mom ‘actually from Zimbabwe’

In another twist, the woman was discovered to be an illegal immigrant from Zimbabwe – and she will also be charged in relation to the Immigration Act. The police report on the matter summarises the whole disturbing situation

“The woman and her baby visited her daughter’s father at the farm where the latter works. Apparently, upon her arrival, the man refused to let them inside and she allegedly threatened to kill their baby if he does not open the door.”

“The woman then threw the infant on the ground. The matter was then reported to the police whereupon arrival with paramedics, the child was certified dead. Police opened a murder case and immediately arrested the suspect.”

“This investigation has since revealed that the woman is originally from Zimbabwe and she is not in possession of legal documents to be in SA – hence a charge of contravention of the Immigration Act has been added to the murder charge.”