private part Butterworth

A wife allegedly dragged her husband by his private parts until they started bleeding. Image: Facebook.

WATCH: Man who was dragged by his private parts speaks out

The man whose private parts were dragged by his wife until they bled has spoken out about the incident. Here’s the latest..

private part Butterworth

A wife allegedly dragged her husband by his private parts until they started bleeding. Image: Facebook.

The man from KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) who was dragged by his private parts until his testicles bled by his wife says he hopes that the incident will help raise awareness against men abuse.

The man made headlines when pictures of his bleeding private parts were circulated online, even though his identity was not disclosed then.


Speaking to Ukhozi FM traffic reporter and activist, Ayanda Msweli, the man confirmed that the incident happened on 7 August 2022. He also alleged that he has been abused for many years by his wife, a police officer in Durban.

Sibiya said the latest incident broke his heart because it happened before their children and he is worried that it will negatively affect them.

“While she was beating me, I asked her what lessons she is imparting to our children by doing such, she said she has no answer for that question and swore at me,” he said.

The man said his wife of twelve years then punched him and while he was trying to push her away from him that is when she grabbed his testicles and started dragging him.

“She only stopped when she saw me bleeding. That was not enough for her, she then took a broom and beat me with it until the stick broke,” he explained.

The man and his wife have reportedly opened cases against each other; however, they are both out.

“I opened a case against her at KwaMakhutha Police Station and I hope and pray that the law will take its course even though it seems like it works more for women than us men when we report abuse,” he said.

“I am hopeful that many others who are in the situation will be able to come out in public and tell their stories too,” the man added.   

The husband also confirmed that he and his wife have not been sleeping in the same bedroom for 3 years now. He has since applied for a protection order against his wife and moved out of their marital home, reportedly.


As previously reported, the KZN Department of Social Development reportedly dispatched a team of social workers to provide psycho-social support to the husband following his brutal assaults for years. 

KZN DSD MEC Khoza said incidents of gender-based violence should not be tolerated regardless of who is involved. 

“We agree that we have a lot of cases of gender-based violence directed to women and children. However, we cannot deny that men also suffer abuse from their female partners. Therefore, it is important that we expose all these cases of gender-based violence,” she said. 

Khoza added that it is quite unfortunate that even people entrusted with the responsibility to implement the laws to end the scourge of GBVF end up being involved in violation of human rights. 

“It just doesn’t make sense that this police woman allegedly abused her husband and believed that she could not face the law. Although police officers are entrusted with the law, they are not above the law in this country.

“Since this man came forward to detail the abuse he had suffered for years at the hands of his wife, we want to see the law take its course. The claim that this man has been suffering beatings for some time calls for a proper investigation.”

Nonhlanhla Khoza

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