Nicholas Ninow leave to appeal

Photo: Gallo Images / Phill Magakoe

YFM producer fired for racist Nicholas Ninow Tweets

YFM producer fired for racist comments on Twitter, stemming from the case involving ‘Dros Rapist’, Nicholas Ninow.

Nicholas Ninow leave to appeal

Photo: Gallo Images / Phill Magakoe

YFM radio station in Johannesburg announced the dismissal of their senior content producer, Camagwini Mavovana, for posting racially discriminatory comments on Twitter about white people. 

Mavovana had been suspended two weeks ago, when it received complaints after the producer posted her tweets online. 

As reported by IOL, the Dros rapist, Nicholas Ninow had just been convicted of rape when the following comment was published: 

“Nicholas is representing his race well. Amnesia is something they’re good at, especially when they have to take accountability. Let the dog rot in jail and call it a day,” Mavovana had tweeted. 

Mavovana then appeared to have deleted her Twitter profile on 1 November. 

Radio station encourages non-racialism and a united society

YFM’s managing director, Haseena Cassim said the radio station encouraged non-racialism and a united society.

“The station is mindful of its role and power in shaping and influencing the mindsets of young people and endeavours to create a platform of open, transparent and inclusive conversation.

“As the voice of young people, the station is cognisant of its responsibility to ensure a considered balance between various rights afforded to all South Africans and responsibilities in relation to those rights. 

“In as much as we promote and encourage freedom of expression, we cannot ignore that full enjoyment of a right could infringe on other rights,” said Cassim.

“There is no excuse for the statement made by Ms Mavovana and the station unequivocally condemns it. The offensive comments do not reflect the views and values of YFM.

“Ms Mavovana was immediately suspended following management being made aware of the post. After careful consideration, Ms Mavovana’s contract with YFM has been terminated,” said Cassim.