elephant game drive

Elephants are part of the ‘big five’ in South Africa- Photo: Stock Image / Pixabay

Over 200 elephants killed in Kenya due to ongoing drought

A number of animals in Kenya have died due to the ongoing drought which has been described as the worst in 40 years.

elephant game drive

Elephants are part of the ‘big five’ in South Africa- Photo: Stock Image / Pixabay

Scores of wildlife have died between February and October in Kenya due to an ongoing drought.

This is the worst drought Kenya has seen in 40 years

The country’s tourism minister Peninah Malonza said that it’s the worst drought they’ve seen in 40 years.

Reports revealed that there has been sporadic rainfall in the country which has started recently but Kenya’s Meteorological Department has forecasted below-average rainfall in the coming months.

This means the threat to wildlife is not over, reports Reuters.

“The drought has caused mortality of wildlife … because of the depletion of food resources as well as water shortages,” said Malonza.

Elephants, wildebeest, giraffes and other animals have died

Malonza explained that a massive fourteen species of wildlife have been impacted by the drought.

These are the deaths in numbers:

  • 205 elephants;
  • 512 wildebeest;
  • 318 common zebras;
  • 12 giraffes;
  • 51 buffalos and;
  • 49 Grevy’s zebras (which are rare and endangered).

The mortality rate could be higher than stated

The conservation group Grevy’s Zebra Trust said in September that 40 Grevy’s died in just three months. This accounts for almost 2% of the population of the species.

The Ministry warned that the aforementioned numbers are far from comprehensive. It noted that there is a possibility that carnivores would have eaten some carcasses.

Adding that there is a possibility of a higher mortality rate.

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