Dog spotted mauling a human ARM leads to gruesome discovery

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Horror! Toddler hospitalised after dog nearly BITES off face

In another incident, a two-year-old boy’s nose was ripped off by the family dog, despite his parents saying they had been “best friends”

Dog spotted mauling a human ARM leads to gruesome discovery

Photo: Stock/Canva

A toddler in Queensland, Australia had to be airlifted to hospital for emergency treatment after being bitten on the face by a dog.

According to reports, the child was at a party on the property and approached the canine, which had been tied up for the duration of the event. The dog then attacked the boy, who was taken to Gympie Hospital for initial treatment. He was subsequently airlifted to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane for further assistance and some tests.


For now, not much is known about the incident, apart from the fact that it occurred on Sunday. The condition of the toddler as well as the breed of the dog is also unknown for now. But breeds like pit bulls have been known for being rather violent, even with children.

Just recently, a two-year-old boy also suffered horrific facial injuries when the family dog attacked him, despite the two being “best friends.”

According to reports, the boy had been playing with his siblings while the dog was on the couch. The next thing his father knew, his son was crying and covered in blood.

“It fractured his jaw, ripped all of his nose, ripped out three teeth from the root – he had to have hundreds and hundreds of stitches, they lost count of how many. The damage was really bad on the inside of his nose and they said if the dog had bit down a little bit more his whole nose would have been bitten off,” the boy’s mother said.

In November 2021, a four-year-old boy in the United States (US) lost his arm after it was ripped off by a pit bull. According to various media reports, he had been trying to pet some of its puppies.

Police have said that upon arriving at the scene, they found Foster waiting outside with his grandmother – and his arm was still inside the pen. Police Chief JR Kidney says when officers and animal control attempted to retrieve the arm, the dog became aggressive to them. But what’s also quite disturbing about the story? One of the responding officers, Aaron McCormick, wrote in the police report that when he went to locate Foster’s arm, he could see two pit bulls and puppies in the said dog pen… and one of the puppies trying to chew on the limb.