SOuth African murder Ohio

Anthony Theodorou allegedly supplied the deadly opiod – Photo: Supplied

South African arrested in USA – for his role in a ‘bizarre’ murder plot

A 33-year-old South African male has been arrested and charged by Ohio State Police, in a rather unusual murder case.

SOuth African murder Ohio

Anthony Theodorou allegedly supplied the deadly opiod – Photo: Supplied

Anthony Theodorou was one of three suspects arrested and charged by police in Ohio, USA this week – after he was allegedly part of a conspiracy to murder the estranged husband of Amanda Hovanec.

South African male arrested in Ohio murder plot

Timothy Hovanec, aged 36 at the time of his death, was murdered by a homemade lethal injection. He was jabbed with a ‘synthetic opioid’ according to the authorities, which killed him ‘within moments’ of it being administered.

Timothy Hovanec, who resides in Virginia, was back in Ohio to visit the children he had raised with Amanda. However, after he went missing for several days, the victim’s body was found in a rural patch of Auglaize County.

It didn’t take police long to narrow down their list of suspects, and by Saturday, Amanda Hovanec and her mother – Anita Green – were apprehended and detained by officers. Anthony Theodorou followed soon afterwards.

How a South African suspect helped commit murder in Ohio

In a sworn affidavit seen by the courts, it was revealed all three had a significant role to play in this murder. Anita Green took the children out of harm’s way. Anthony Theodorou supplied the dangerous drug. And Amanda Hovanec was the one who delivered the fatal inoculation. However, their shameful teamwork was soon exposed…

“When Timothy dropped the children off at the residence, Anita Green took the children away from Timothy and Amanda… The body was moved into Anita Green’s garage until she drove Amanda and Anthony to dispose of the body. Theodorou was able to obtain and give Amanda Hovanec the opioid she allegedly used to kill Timothy.”

Ohio State Police

Timothy Hovanec case: What happens next?

The murder took place a week after Mr. Hovanec won an embittered custody battle, meaning that his children – aged between five and eight years old – would move back to Virginia with him.

Amanda was granted visitation rights, which would come into effect by June 2022. However, with the help of her mother and South African accomplice, the crazed mother decided to take matters into her own hands.

  • The trio remain in custody with bail set at $2 million, and they will return to the courthouse on Tuesday afternoon