Woman leaves her husband after she allowed him to cheat on her. Image: iStock.

Woman allows husband to cheat then she ends the marriage

This could have been a sign of mutual understanding to some until a woman who allowed her husband cheat eventually left the marriage.


Woman leaves her husband after she allowed him to cheat on her. Image: iStock.

Unless you’re in a very secure open relationship/marriage, being cheated on will hurt no matter what people say.

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Marriage ends after man cheated on his wife

A married man thought that he could get away with cheating on his wife just because she gave him permission after she cheated on him.

A 34-year-old man who has been married to his wife Elisa for seven years, asked for relationship advice to find out if there was still hope for his marriage after he cheated on her even though she gave him permission to do so.

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In his post he shared that even though they had a healthy relationship, she cheated on him.

He wrote: “4 years ago, during one of her friends’ party, she end up with a ONS (one-night stand), and it almost caused our divorce, my feelings broke that day but for the sake of our daughter I endured the humiliation and shame, and asked for marriage counselling and individual therapy, in which I asked for a hall pass to make my almost non-existent self-esteem capable of grabbing something to give me confidence.”

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It seemed as if things were getting better

He said everything turned to the better after that, she stopped partying, clubbing, and drinking, while at the same time be a better partner and a better mother, which made everything much more like a healthy relationship, although my feelings and our marriage were never the same.

“1 week ago, during one of these trips I was having a drink in the hotel’s bar and met a young attractive girl that started flirting with me, eventually I end up having sex with her. I regretted it later. After coming back, my wife found out because one of my co-workers saw me kissing the girl and let my wife know. I told her all the truth and we end up in a heated and painful argument, where she accused me of cheating after all the effort she put to make everything work,” he said.

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The man is now seeking for advice in effort to salvage his already gone marriage.

“I don’t know if we can still reconcile and if our marriage is still salvageable. How can I make it correct?” he asked.

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