Will the real ANC please stand

Will the real ANC please stand up?

After months of debate, parliamentary inquests and commissions popping up faster that you can say Nkandla, the old guard of the ANC are finally speaking out against Zuma’s trail of destruction.

Will the real ANC please stand

Pay back the money Mr. Zuma. That’s the consensus from the ANC veteran’s organisation, who encouraged president Zuma to “do the honourable thing” and pay back whatever amount Thuli Madonsela’s report says he should, in light of her Nkandla report.

Veterans’ League president Sandi Sejake, former ANC MP Ben Turok and former home affairs director general Mavuso Msimang didn’t hold back in their criticism of  Zuma’s disregard of the public protector’s recommendations. While Turok was adamant that Zuma could not have been unaware of upgrades made at Nkandla, as he visits so often; Sejake was far more scathing in his comments.

“If I were in Zuma’s position, when there is so much outcry in the country, I would find something to do. It means there are things he is not doing correctly,” said Sejake.

He also went on to say that ANC MP’s are no longer doing the jobs they were placed in parliament for, and that all they concern themselves with now is protecting Zuma so as to line their own pockets.

According to Msimang, “it is obvious in South Africa that there is a crisis of confidence. Everywhere you hear about corruption and scandal. And Parliament has become an expensive circus.”

We couldn’t have said it better, and it seems that the flame of the old guard within the ANC is still burning bright. The question, however, is how do we find our way back to the ANC of old, when the organisation has slipped so far and so incredibly fast?