Zondo Jacob Zuma State Capture Inquiry

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Zondo demands Zuma ‘faces State Capture Inquiry’ in scathing lecture

Raymond Zondo has had just about enough of Jacob Zuma’s no-shows at the State Capture Inquiry – the DCJ has told Msholozi there’s nowhere left to hide.

Zondo Jacob Zuma State Capture Inquiry

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

Hell hath no fury like a Deputy Chief Justice scorned. Raymond Zondo has laid out, in no uncertain terms, why Jacob Zuma has no choice but to appear at the State Capture Inquiry in November. His tone matched the bluntness of JZ’s legal team, who have protested against the Commission’s bid to subpoena their client.

  • Jacob Zuma has been summoned to appear at the State Capture Inquiry from 16 – 20 November 2020

Raymond Zondo gives Jacob Zuma a dressing down

Zondo has been branded ‘biased’ by Zuma and his team of lawyers – an allegation that does not sit so well with a steadfast beacon of the law. The DCJ explained, in considerable detail, why Msholozi has to come and face the music:

“The replacement of Nene, and Van Rooyen… came with certain advisors and they have connections with the Gupta family. If a particular person has knowledge of matters that are relevant to what the Inquiry is investigating, I must take steps to come and testify. If I don’t do that, I would be failing in my duty.”

“Certain evidence cannot be ignored…should I call Zuma to appear…I can’t ignore that if I am to do my job properly. I [can force] Zuma to appear if I believe that he has answers that will assist the State Capture Inquiry in its work.”

Raymond Zondo

Why Jacob Zuma ‘has to appear’ at the State Capture Inquiry

Zondo reeled off more reasons, demanding that the 78-year-old shows up on the basis that he is a major person of interest to the State Capture Inquiry. The sheer amount of witnesses who have implicated Jacob Zuma – and the number of allegations that are closely linked to him personally – have left uBaba with very little wiggle room:

  • Zondo revealed that 34 witnesses have testified against the ex-president so far.
  • The DCJ vented his frustration that Zuma had failed to respond to questions set out to him in July 2019.
  • The State Capture Inquiry leaders ‘do not believe’ JZ has given sufficient reasons to avoid their Commission.
  • Zondo is adamant that he does have the legal right to summon who he wants – if they are ‘of interest to the panel’.
  • Zuma’s evidence is necessary to the Commission because ‘most state capture happened during his presidency’.

State Capture Inquiry showdown looms

Paul Pretorius, an advocate serving the State Capture Inquiry, also stated that Zuma has ‘no right’ to dodge the panel:

“The offer of cabinet positions to Mcebisi Jonas and Vytjie Mentor, in particular, fall squarely within the remit of the Inquiry and Zuma, as then head of state, would need to answer to these allegations… There is no right not to respond a rule 3.3 notice that a person has been implicated.”

“There is a right to say I will deal with it, or I won’t through your responses, but there’s no right not to appear at the Commission entirely. As night follows day, evidence implicating the former President must be examined”.

Paul Pretorius

Zondo targeted by Zuma’s lawyers

On Thursday, a legal team representing Jacob Zuma let DCJ Zondo and his colleagues know exactly what they think about the State Capture Inquiry. Their colourful statement denounced the application for a subpoena and accused the Zondo Commission of ‘bastardising’ the law for their own benefit.

“We have noted with concern an application served on Jacob Zuma and his legal team, regarding a moot application to subpoena the former president. This amended application seeks an order to authorize the signing and issuing of a summons to compel our client to appear before the Commission from 16 – 20 November.”

“This new application is nothing but a ruse, and the outcome has already been determined. We hope the public can see this Commission for what it is: A political process parading as a legal one. It’s nothing but a bastardisation of the law for those who pull the strings from behind. There is a continued bias against Jacob Zuma here.”

Jacob Zuma’s legal team