Duduzane Zuma Israel

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President Duduzane? Zuma Jnr confirms he WILL run for the top job

Could South Africa soon have its SECOND President Zuma? Duduzane has told reporters on Monday that ‘plans are in place’ for his own leadership bid.

Duduzane Zuma Israel

Photo: Good Read / Flickr

Could the Zumas be responsible for ushering in a ‘leadership dynasty’ in South Africa? Duduzane, the son of the former head of state Jacob, has confirmed (in no uncertain terms) that he still plans to run for president in the near future.

Duduzane Zuma outlines ambitions to become president

With Cyril Ramaphosa spending the last three years in power – and left to serve at least another three before the next national election – talk of ‘President Duduzane’ may seem a little premature: It’s almost certain to test the faultlines currently running through the factions of the ANC, as well.

But, when questioned about his presidential ambitions after attending his father’s delayed corruption trial, the aspiring politician laid it all on the line. According to him, ‘the plans are on’ – and an ‘interesting journey’ lies ahead.

“What would you like to know? The plans are ON. We are going in, and we are going in thick and fast. Keep an eye on it, because it is going to be an interesting journey.”

Duduzane Zuma

Social media pensive about a Duduzane presidency

Another President Zuma? Don’t rule it out…

During an interview on Trending SA last year, the businessman explained that he moved out of the country because his ‘constitutional rights’ were being infringed. He believes that ‘everyone has a role to play in politics’, and now he is back in Mzansi, the 37-year-old is keen to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“I think everyone should have some role in politics, and wherever I am needed, I am there. We all have our opinions. We all have our views that have been shaped by our environment and we all want to make a difference. For me, any interests in politics is definitely a yes.” | Duduzane Zuma