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Photo: Rckr88 / Flickr

Level 2: Durban beaches ban swimming – but these five activities are allowed

Anyone planning to visit the Durban beaches during Level 2 of lockdown may have to rethink their plans, after swimming was forbidden by eThekwini officials.

beaches ethekwini municipality

Photo: Rckr88 / Flickr

eThekwini Municipality spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela has delivered some bad news for swimming enthusiasts on the east coast. Durban beaches may have opened up further this week due to the implementation of Level 2 regulations – but authorities have banned people from going into the ocean.

Level 2: What are you allowed to do in eThekwini?

According to Mayisela, a combination of bad weather and uncertainty over how the virus may spread has led the local government to forbid locals from taking a dip in the immediate future. However, it was confirmed that people could partake in these five activities while frequenting Durban beaches:

  • People will be allowed to exercise on the sand, so long as they don’t go in the sea.
  • Walking is permitted on all Durban beaches.
  • Running and jogging gets the nod.
  • People can sit and meet according to the rules of social gatherings, but must not assemble in large crowds.
  • The eThekwini Municipality has also given the green light to yoga activities down by the seafront.
  • However, alongside swimming, surfing is also still off-limits.

Why has swimming been banned on Durban beaches?

Fears that group activities could attract a large number of spectators and onlookers were cited as a major reason for why swimming in the ocean remains outlawed. The maths might not add up for everyone, but the city is adamant that they are doing everything in their power to keep citizens safe.

“Severe weather conditions which are about to hit the coast. The public is hereby requested to please note that, the country is still on Level 2 lockdown and as a result, group activities and events that attract a large number of spectators are not permitted. That is why swimming is still not allowed at our beaches”

“The Parks and Leisure Department is ensuring that the lifeguards and beach maintenance staff are trained and equipped with the regulated necessary personal protective equipment to undertake safe rescues. It should be noted too that, the shark nets are still not in place and will not be able to be launched this week.”

Msawakhe Mayisela on Level 2 lockdown