Nicholas Ninow leave to appeal

Photo: Gallo Images / Phill Magakoe

Nicholas Ninow back in court on Friday: Five things you need to know

It seems almost farcical that Nicholas Ninow – convicted by overwhelming evidence – could find his way back into a courtroom. But here we are…

Nicholas Ninow leave to appeal

Photo: Gallo Images / Phill Magakoe

Nicholas Ninow will make a surprise reappearance in court this week, when he launches his leave to appeal bid. The infamous Dros rapist – who violated a seven-year-old girl in the restaurant’s bathroom – was put behind bars in October 2019, following an emotionally-charged trial which lasted for a week.

Already, people are scoffing at the idea he will register an appeal, given the horrendous circumstances of his crime. But Ninow’s legal team are confident they can get some time shaved off of his senence…

Nicholas Ninow’s appeal bid – everything we know so far

Where the proceedings will take place?

On Friday 6 March, Nicholas Ninow will be at the Pretoria High Court – the same venue where he was sent down last year. We’re expecting a packed gallery and intense media interest for this one.

What is he appealing?

Ninow wants to try and overturn both his sentence and his conviction. He doesn’t believe that he was ‘fully responsible’ for his actions when he raped the young girl, and wants both the charges and his jail time to reflect that.

How long has he been sentenced for?

  • A life term of 25 years for rape.
  • An additional five years for drug possession and defeating the ends of justice.
  • The charges all run concurrently.
  • As an aside, Nicholas Ninow was also added to the sexual offenders register.

Nicholas Ninow: Are there grounds for appeal?

Does Ninow have a leg to stand on? It’s really hard to see what else he can pull out the bag. The evidence against him was overwhelming, and a team of medical professionals have already confirmed he was in control and mentally competent when he committed his crime. There doesn’t seem to be a street he can run down which will convince the judge a mistake was made in the verdict.

An overwhelmingly negative reaction to the news so far

A cursory glance at social media and the posts of civil society groups tells you everything you need to know about the general consensus of this appeal. Criminal justice advocates Not In My Name SA (NIMNSA) have been extremely vocal on the Nicholas Ninow case, and “denounced” his upcoming court appearance.

“It is disconcerting that his matter is being heard in the first place – it should have been dismissed immediately and quietly. Ninow and his family are being offered privileges that are nonsensical by nature. We denounce this application and remain crestfallen that a young girl is being revictimised by the judicary.”

  • You can read NIMNSA’s full statement here: