David mabuza cabinet reshuffle

Deputy President David Mabuza / Image by GCIS

‘Is he really ill?’ – MP hints at conspiracy behind Mabuza’s visit to Russia

An MP for the DA is now openly questioning the nature of David Mabuza’s flight to Russia, suggesting that he ‘might not be there for health reasons’…

David mabuza cabinet reshuffle

Deputy President David Mabuza / Image by GCIS

As South Africa struggles to contain the spread of the dangerous Delta variant, one of the most important people in the country thought this weekend would be the opportune time to jet off to Russia. Deputy President David Mabuza is understood to be receiving ‘follow-up medical treatment’ in Moscow – but his trip has set a few alarm bells ringing.

Who paid for David Mabuza’s trip to Russia?

Mabuza has been to Russia for health visits before. He claims he was poisoned back in 2015, and darted to receive care from experts in our fellow BRICS nation. However, his latest flight across the world has left a sour taste for many South Africans, and DA MP Willem Faber isn’t happy that the taxpayer could end up ‘footing the bill’ for it.

“The DA calls on the Presidency to provide details around the Deputy President’s latest trip to Russia. The Presidency has confirmed that David Mabuza has requested leave to travel to Moscow for a medical consultation. We are urging the government to clarify the details of this trip, specifically who is footing the bill.”

“It is highly peculiar that Deputy President Mabuza would travel all the way to Russia to seek medical assistance when he can receive world-class medical treatment in South Africa. It is a shame, and a slap in the face of our medical practitioners and medical facilities that their own Deputy President would rather seek medical treatment abroad.”

Health or diplomacy? DA MP sniffs a conspiracy…

Fabre, a Member of the Portfolio Committee for DIRCO, suggested that the presidency is hiding some very important details about this latest rush to Russia. The outspoken politician also believes that there may be a more ‘diplomatic’ reason behind David Mabuza’s scheduled visit, relating to the collapsed ‘nuclear deal’ between both countries.

“Mabuza must come clean with us, and give the real reason for his mysterious trips to Russia. Is this trip really for medical reasons, or is it a sneaky way to mend a relationship with the Russian President after the failed nuclear deal? He should return to his duties of overseeing our vaccine rollout – a job which he has performed dismally.” – Willem Faber