William and Kate doctor 22

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Royal approval: SA doctor receives high praise from William and Kate

South Africa’s Zolelwa Sifumba became a household name last year – and the ICU doctor was summoned for a call with Prince William and Princess Kate.

William and Kate doctor 22

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A South African ICU Doctor, who has risen to prominence for her campaigns to support healthcare staff, has been granted an audience with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Prince William and Princess Kate have both paid tribute to the work of all medical professionals across the Commonwealth, during a video call with Zolelwa Sifumba.

William and Kate hail healthcare professionals

Seen as one of the leading voices on workers’ rights during the pandemic, Sifumba has endeavoured tirelessly to highlight the myriad of issues facing doctors and nurses throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Her efforts to raise awareness about the incredible strain placed on hospital staff haven’t gone unnoticed, either.

As part of a TV broadcast to commemorate ‘Commonwealth Day’ this year, various members of the Royal family will deliver messages of support to prominent figures in dozens of countries across the world. During a scheduled Zoom call, Prince William told Sifumba that her worries and concers ‘are being heard’ by the Royal Family.

“We, Catherine and I, have spoken to a lot of healthcare workers in UK and around the world over the last year – we hear your worries and your concerns and thank you for your time chatting to us about it.”

Princess Kate also poured her heart out for the doctor, offering her support to Sifumba and her industry colleagues.

“Here in the UK there’s been masses of public recognition of the amazing work the front line are doing and it’s sad, almost, that it’s taken the pandemic for the public to really back and support all those working on the front line.”

South African doctor chats with royalty

Although it’s probably not going to be the biggest royal interview of the weekend, Zolelwa Sifumba’s chat with the Duke and Duchess will be shown on the BBC at 19:00 SAST. You can also tune into this broadcast live, on the BBC’s YouTube channel. The doctor has since advised how people can help healthcare workers:

“We actually know the problems, we see the problems every day, you walk into work there are the problems. The problem is our voices are not heard. We are on the front lines and we are expected to lift humanity.”

“So my advice to everybody is, if you know a healthcare worker – any healthcare worker – you just love on them, love on them, love on them some more. If their child needs looking after offer, you know, if they need a meal, offer.”