Senekal protester wife slap andre pienaar

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Senekal latest: Wife of arrested protester ‘tries to slap’ state witness

Once again, Senekal finds itself at the centre of a scarcely believable development in the courtroom. Andre Pienaar’s bail hearing descended into farce…

Senekal protester wife slap andre pienaar

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The small town of Senekal in Free State sank further into infamy on Tuesday, as the bail hearing for Andre Pienaar ended in bizarre circumstances. The 51-year-old businessman was arrested last week, as protests escalated and an angry mob stormed the court building. The drama has flared-up again – after a state witness was accosted by the accused’s wife.

Senekal protester denied bail

The group was attempting to exact their own brand of vigilante justice on the suspected killers of Brendin Horner. The 21-year-old farm manager was slain in brutal circumstances, igniting a powder keg of tensions within the local community. Police vehicles were overturned, and court property was damaged during the riots.

A spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority in the Free State, Phaladi Shuping, previously confirmed that Andre Pienaar is facing four charges, which are public violence, attempted murder, incitement, and terrorism – although the latter charge of terrorism was eventually dropped during the bail hearing on Tuesday.

Andre Pienaar charges: Wife attempts to ‘slap’ state witness

Andre Pienaar has been denied bail, and will remain in police custody until 20 November. The judge also chastised the accused for orchestrating a level of violence which ‘could have freed two dangerous suspects from their holding cells’. Pienaar was also accused of hitting a female police officer amid the chaos.

These factors worked against the defendant, and his attempt to secure temporary freedom fell flat. The verdict proved to be too much for his spouse, however. Mrs Pienaar left the second row of the court room and approached state witness, Brigadier Tshokolo Posholi. She attempted to slap the police officer, but had to be restrained by a family member.

It’s just another day in Senekal, it seems…