Natasha Singh SARS high wealth

Photo: SARS

Rich folk, beware: SARS appoint expert to chase ‘high wealth’ tax dodgers

If you’ve got money to your name, but aren’t giving a fair share to the taxman, then SARS’ new ‘high wealth hunter’ will be on your case.

Natasha Singh SARS high wealth

Photo: SARS

The SA Revenue Service (SARS) has confirmed it is taking measures to identify and target roughly 1 500 ‘high wealth individuals’ who they suspect have not been paying their fair share of tax. This week, the institution announced that they were bringing in Natasha Singh to chase down the biggest hoarders in South Africa.

SARS appoint specialist to chase ‘high wealth individuals’

Singh’s duties will include investigating the legitimacy of off-shore tax schemes, and she will also be expected to look into individuals who have been identified in global revenue collection stings. The recent ‘Pandora Papers’ report is said to contain several South African taxpayers who have tried to disguise their true wealth.

In a statement issued on Monday, SARS revealed the ‘strategic importance’ of Singh’s new role:

“In line with SARS’ strategic objective to make it easy and simple for taxpayers to comply with their legal obligations, the appointment of Ms Singh is of strategic importance to help improve compliance of wealthy individuals with complex financial arrangements. She took up her new role at SARS as of Monday 18 October 2021.”

Five things to know about Natasha Singh

  • She is a chartered accountant with more than 20 years’ experience at the top of her field.
  • Singh, who will be based at SARS’ Woodmead offices, holds a Master’s degree specializing in taxation.
  • Her official title with the Revenue Service is Director of the High Wealth Individual (HWI) Segment.
  • She has previously served as a Finance Executive at Eskom, working on their tax affairs.
  • SARS Commissioner Edward Kieswetter has branded Natasha Singh as a ‘highly qualified candidate’.

SARS prepare to target ‘richest tax dodgers’

Speaking earlier this week, Ms Singh says she is hoping to serve ‘the higher purpose of SARS’, and acknowledged that the appointment was a ‘rare privilege’. So, for all the millionaires who aren’t playing ball, you’ve been warned:

“I am deeply appreciative of and humbled by the rare privilege entrusted to me as the first Director of SARS’ High Wealth Individuals unit. I am a public servant at heart, and a strong proponent of the power of purpose.”

“By marrying my passion for  the public sector and hunger for purpose, I hope to honour and positively contribute to SARS’ Higher Purpose of serving the well-being of all South Africans.” | Natasha Singh