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‘It’s not just about me’: R51m Powerball winner vows to dedicate life to social care

A king amongst men: This Powerball winner from Limpopo has been lauded as a hero, after he confirmed his R51m jackpot would fund a career in social care.


Photo: Unsplash

If you’d won a Powerball jackpot worth over R50 million at the age of 30, the first thing that would cross your mind is a super-early retirement. However, we have to go a long way to find someone as principled as this latest overnight millionaire: A Polokwane resident has vowed to use his lottery winnings ‘to earn some qualifications in social care’.

Powerball winner aims for a long career in social care

The winner told Ithuba that the main goal was to pursue his dream career, motivated by the suffering of others he has witnessed in his own neighbourhood. The Limpopo lad says his Powerball win is essentially ‘bigger than him’, and believes the cash jackpot only serves as an incentive to work harder, and dedicate his life to uplifting those around him.

What a genuine touch of class that is, may we add. The anonymous winner of the 2 March draw staked just R30 on his ticket, using the manual selection method – so future employers in the social care industry should be aware that this fellow is already quite perceptive! His desire to ‘do good’ with his R51 million war-chest doesn’t end there, either.

Hats off to the Polokwane prize-winner

The young man says he will finish building a house for his mother, allowing his family to live in a more comfortable space. The family has strong ties to their abode, and they won’t be clamouring for a multi-room mansion just yet…

“I wanted to study for a qualification in social work after my matric, but unfortunately there was no money to send me to school. I had to look for a job so that I could help my family. Winning this money does not mean that I must abandon my dream qualification – it was never just about me. It always bothered me to see young children suffer in my neighbourhood.”

“Their parents receive social grants for them but end up just wasting the money on their own wants. I want to be able to offer effective and sustainable assistance to my community, and getting the social work qualification will help me do just that.  I intend to spend a portion of my winnings on the completion and furnishing of our family house.”